Aston Martin DB11

Today we do a full review of DB11. I should like to say up-front this car is mesmerising, totally gorgeous to look at and everything works in a tactile way, a quality that has has eluded AM’s of the past, and I believe this is a direct consequence of the recent AM/ Merc tie up.

All good so far then. The question now becomes ‘what is it like to drive?’ The answer in the main is extremely well. Remember the DB11’s brief is to be the consummate GT, a role it manages with ease. However in today’s world the competition is so fierce all GT cars need to perform as talented sports cars. It is in this role that the AM has mixed success. It corners flatly and reliably but the rear differential seems a tad too stiff, for me, which results in the car skipping through tight corners making it difficult to apply the power early when exiting hard. This, I should have thought, is sortable!

I didn’t get the chance to drive on track but I suspect on a smooth surface the AM would perform well. It is a big car overall so in conclusion you would have to say it’s natural habitat are wide A roads rather that the tighter country lanes we tested DB11 on here.

Overall though a thoroughly engineered car with oodles of character. The future looks bright for Aston Martin and the AMG sourced V8 Twin Turbo announced last week will only help cement this position.

The new Aston has a V12 Twin Turbo 5.2 litre producing 600bhp. 0-62mph comes up in 3.9secs and it goes on-to a top speed of over 200mph. V8 Twin Turbo 4.0 litre produces 503bhp.

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