Ferrari California T

Whilst the California T’s power output of 552bhp remains unchanged, it has now had added a new Handling Speciale package which aims to provide a more involving drive. Ferrari fans trying to spot an HS will have a few visual clues to help them out; there’s a dark grey finish for the grille, rear diffuser and exhaust tips, and if you get close enough, there’s a special plaque in the cockpit between the front seats. But the big changes for the Handling Speciale are reserved for under the skin.

Mechanical upgrades include stiffer springs that enhance the California T’s handling, while the standard magnetic dampers have been upgraded to speed up their responses, too. These settings are unlocked when you move the manettino switch on the steering wheel to Sport mode, plus the exhaust has been retuned to deliver a more vocal response when you prod the throttle. I think the biggest compliment you can give this car is that it really does feel like a true Ferrari. But remember this car is a Turbo, and in most cases you simply would never know. If there was a criticism it would be not enough vocals from the engine and too much from the exhausts but no car is completely perfect.

The California T HS costs upwards of £160K, reaches 62 in 3.6 seconds and onto a top speed of 196mph

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