Golf R 5 Door

We all know that the Golf R is one of the best sports all-rounders out there. A really astonishing car capable of 4.9seconds to 62mph and a top speed limited to 155mph all from it’s 300hp engine.

These figures were the preserve of high performance cars well above £50,000 back a few years ago, even today the R, at £32,500 with the DSG gearbox, undercuts it’s major competitors, the Audi S3/ RS3 and A45 AMG, by over £10,000. The new Focus RS is around the same money but does without the option of a twin clutch automated gearbox so is not as versatile.

An immensely enjoyable driving experience then, but the brilliance of the car does not end here, it is absolutely capable of being run long distances without causing fatigue to either the driver or the passengers. We believe this is the real definition of an all-rounder.

However I think that the R’s real achievement is the fact that it appeals to young and old alike, a difficult trick to pull off. Take the Focus RS I cannot imagine ever owning one myself but my son would love one. The Golf we both covet!


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