GTC4 Lusso T

Hey Guys welcome back and we have an interesting dilemma for you this week. We review the GTC4 Lusso T. Now I know many of you have questioned my comparison of the GTC4 with the New Panamera, and on the face of it you would be right, GTC4 is way more expensive, 200K base against between 100-150K for the Panamera depending on the model chosen and a smidge more powerful, 602bhp, unless the 680hp Panamera Hybrid is chosen. 0-100km/h in 3.5 secs and 320 km top speed for the GTC4 Lusso T.

However hear me out. The car we need for a daily has to be first and foremost comfortable with a luxurious driving environment. It has to be quick but not excessively so because if we want to go ‘quick’ we would chose one of our other cars better suited for this role. Remember a near 2 ton GT is never going to really perform like a true sports or supercar.v

All this said our regular watchers will know we previously owned an FF so we are huge fans of Ferrari’s continental cruiser and despite the price difference it is still a contender so enjoy the video and judge for yourselves.


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