Mercedes AMG GT-S

Hey Guys we collected the Mercedes AMG GT S today and it is quite a machine. First impressions are good! You sit low, low down and once started the Merc burbles away from somewhere behind your left shoulder, not a bad introduction to the car. The quality inside is excellent with a strong smell of leather, which contributes to that well being feeling.

There is a lot of technology packed into this car from the adjustability of the suspension to the throttle mapping and I accept it may take time to work out the best combination. However time is something we have, on this occasion.

The AMG GT S is currently one of a two car range, the other being the GT. The GT S comes in at £112,000 and has 510hp at it’s disposal and the GT at £98,000 has 456bhp. However the range is about to expand with the recent introduction of the GT R which has 577bhp and has had good reviews!

Although Mercedes have made it clear that the AMG GT S is not a replacement for the now extinct SLS it is difficult to ignore the styling similarities and the engine is tucked well into the front bulkhead which allows AMG to reasonably claim that this is a front mid-engined machine much like the SLS. However the car is shorter and narrower, just, than the SLS which has to be good. Still an extremely wide car though.

On the road first impressions again are positive, coming out of London in the rush hour the car was an amiable companion and cosseting as well as providing a fair amount of entertainment not to mention the noise!


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