Noble M600

We look into the Noble M600 in more depth with Lee Cunningham the Sales and Events Director from Super Veloce Racing. We then drive the car to get a feel for the power available. This is considerable!

At the heart of the M600 is a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 engine, designed by Yamaha. It’s a traditional 32-valve V8 set in a regular V design – not a flat-plane, 180-degree crank like those used in Ferrari’s V8 mid-engined cars. In this instance two Judd turbos have been added with a Motec ECU to boost power to 650bhp at 6800rpm and 1.0bar of pressure. 604lb ft of torque is available at 3800rpm.

This car is fast, ferociously fast, with 0-120mph coming up in 8.9 seconds with the manual box which is wonderfully tactile to use on the road but clearly not as fast as the sequential boxes available in some of Noble’s competitors.

The M600 is a Supercar from a British Manufacturer, Noble Automotive totally unspoilt by modern electronic gizmos. No sophisticated traction control here and no ABS! These have been deliberately omitted from the car’s specification to prevent any dilution of the feel available to the driver.

Thanks to Super Veloce Racing and specifically Lee Cunningham for bringing the car down to us we really enjoyed the car!

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