Porsche GT4

Why the GT4 is the best real world Sports Car currently available. We are not suggesting it is the fastest but we believe it is the most useable in the real world given the majority of us are not racing drivers.

GT4 has a 3.8 litre 6 cylinder horizontally opposed engine, flat six to you and I, and pumps out a minimum of 380bhp at 7400rpm and 310lb ft of torque. Andreas Preuninger, Porsche GT boss, says it is actually a good bit more, nearer the 400hp mark. If these figures sound exciting in a mid-engined car weighing in at 1250kg dry, it is the suspension that has come in for the most focus.

At 45/55 percent front rear weight distribution this is about perfect for a mid engined car. It has GT3 front end suspension and GT3 Brakes all round. The rear suspension has been developed by Porsche motorsportzentrum in Weissach specifically for GT4, all Porsche GT models are developed here. The important point here is the suspension is multi-way adjustable with three settings for the front and the same for the back. The rear spoiler is also multi-adjustable so the car can be set up which ever way suits your style of driving. Terrific.

And the GT4 is manual only. In a world where dual clutch boxes are becoming increasingly the norm especially in fast sports cars where, because the next gear can be ready for selection before you actually select it, acceleration times are reduced sometimes significantly. In GT4 we have to manage a clutch but when you are on a track the satisfaction of slotting the gear lever into the right place at the right time is massive.

We also think that the looks are spot on, this car, as the weight suggests, is not large and therefore easy to place accurately on the road when driving in a spirited fashion. The front and rear wheels have been placed 13mm wider than the GTS Cayman and the ride height has been reduced by 30mm so there is little space between the arches and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres. Same as on the Ferrari Speciale incidentally. Be careful in the wet but in the dry they stick like glue and consequently the car looks absolutely fantastic.

We have specified our GT4 with standard seat because this car is likely to be used a fair amount so comfort is paramount especially for longer journeys. Not that the bucket seats are in any way uncomfortable, just a little fiddly to get in and out of and they don’t recline. Other than this just about all the option boxes have been ticked including protection film by Topaz, we feel essential on a car likely to be driven fast. This was carried out on our Ferrari Speciale and has been a great success protecting the body work from chips and stone marks.

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