Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

Hey Guys, today’s the day we collect our Panamera E-Hybrid. Those of you that watched my Road Test of the E-Hybrid will recollect that I was won over by the car and as long as the handling matches Porsche’s high standards, car is 2.3 kg yes 2.3 kg, then we are on to a winner.

However what I am most looking forward to is finding out just how useable the electric range is in real world driving. Porsche suggest that you can travel 31 miles on one charge. If so this is going to be perfect for my daily commute, 23 miles to London then charge the car when parked up. Using the engine could become a rarity for me.

There are questions to be answered: 1. Manufactures regularly quote figures, mpg for example, that are not achievable in the real world. 2. What happens when you have no charge left, will the car start? Starts in electric mode. 3. The Electric motor produces 136hp so is an important element of the car’s overall performance. Does the E-Hybrid revert to 330hp when there is no charge? 4. How long does the car take to charge on a 240v home plug socket?

I shall obviously answer these questions over the coming months and I am very much looking forward to the process!

The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid costs £81,141 to purchase before extras, this one was £110,000, and has a combined output of 462Hp available which endows the car with masses of immediate power due to the fact the electric motor spools up instantly to supplement the twin turbos of the 2.9 litre 6 Cylinder combustion engine.

However it is the torque available that you notice in everyday driving the most, this car has 700Nm of torque, (516lb ft), compare this to the Panamera 4S, 9000 pounds more expensive, and has 550Nm, (405 lb-ft), of Torque. The Panamera E-Hybrid will accelerate to 62mph in 4.6secs and onto 100 in 10.7secs. Top Speed is 172mph.

We shall have the opportunity to test all this for ourselves but for my daily commute it all sounds perfect.

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