Porsche Panamera TurboS E-Hybrid

The Panamera TurboS E-Hybrid is the fastest Porsche four-door of them all. The car combines Porsches hybrid electric motor with the 4.0-litre, 542bhp bi-turbo V8 of the Panamera Turbo. The 130kg battery lives under the boot floor (with no loss of luggage capacity), powering a 134bhp & 295lb per ft e-motor integrated directly into the eight-speed twin-clutch PDK transmission.

It is a complex drivetrain that applies lessons learned from the 918 Spyder – so for example; electric power can make a car faster as well as greener! It also boasts NEDC figures of 97.4mpg and 66g/km. Porsche’s stated intention is to bring ‘hybrid drive’ to regular Porsche owners. The Turbo S e-hybrid should achieve around 31 miles of zero-emission electric running before its 14kWh cell pack is depleted. A useful distance especially in towns.

Total power from the Turbo S’s hybrid drivetrain is 670bhp and 627lb ft, versus 542bhp and 567lb ft in the Panamera Turbo. That gets the all-wheel drive Turbo S e-hybrid from 0-62mph in 3.4sec despite weighing in at around 2300kg which is 300kg more than the regular turbo. Top speed is 192mph and the car costs £137,140, not cheap, but then it was never meant to be and all that technology on offer!

Also on the Porsche stand is the new Panamera Estate called the Sport Turismo. Running almost all the engines available in the regular Panamera the two main benefits are the added luggage room with increased loading height and that the Sport Turismo is a full five seater. All equipment levels are the same as in the regular Panamera. However the new TurboS e-hybrid is not available for this model at the present time.

(Source Top Gear with mods).

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